The brand

Our Story

Maison Germaine is an accessory brand with ethnic-chic tones that comes in bags, clutches, cuff bracelets, and mules.

Behind each product is a craftsman, an emotion, a fabric unearthed on a market, a scrap found at the back of the workshop...

But it is from this life spent between Gabon and China that Isabelle the founder will draw her inspiration. Striped, spotted, speckled coats or even colorful maze of fabric markets like a whirlwind of color, will leave a strong imprint on her creative imagination.

By freeing herself from any trend, Isabelle explores the sandstone of the seasons, mixes colors and textures, experiments with associations in an almost instinctive way.

The aesthetics of the brand is thus distinguished by the originality of this mix of materials and tones to take the form of an invitation to travel and take you with it!



The craftsmanship 

All of our products are handcrafted!

We work with small leather goods workshops where we value exchange, dialogue and know-how in order to craft high-end products where the sense of detail is at the center of our requirements.

To create our collections, we have been looking for those craftsmen inheriting from China's millennial know-how…. Traditionally mastering the manufacture of fine porcelain, silk weaving, brocades, and leather goods, those expert hands will give a refined finish and character to our products.



Upcycling & zero waste

Sustainable responsibility is at the heart of our values since all our collections are made from upcycled fabric or leather. The available material resource being limited, we only produce in small series and in variable quantities.

All scraps are also reused down to the smallest accessory, thus tending towards a 'zero waste' objective. We are hopeful to get there!