Our brand

Maison Germaine is a French accessory brand with ethnic-chic, eclectic, singular tones that comes in bags, clutches, cuff bracelets, and mules. But it's also a tribute...

Tribute to a woman, French, refined, passionate about travels who shared so much with her granddaughter, Isabelle, our creator and founder. It is a source of inspiration showing how to stand the test of time with elegance without taking oneself too seriously, bearer of values ​​that go beyond borders.
Germaine, our in-house ambassador, dares to mix genres, masters this little je-ne-sais-quoi of the French woman who juggles with ease between styles. She loves high-end fancy materials, cross-cultural influences elevating her style effortlessly. Insatiable traveller, she thrives on improbable encounters, and transmits her taste for travel. Germaine has been our DNA since day one, a whole state of mind that we claim!

Fueled by this cultural diversity, Isabelle in turn, travels the world, spends 5 years in Gabon and then settles in China.

From Africa to Asia, our founder draws her inspiration from her multiple life experiences. Flamboyant fabric markets, like a whirlwind of color, left a strong imprint on her creative imagination. In 2018, Isabelle decides to take her project to the next step and bought a small manufacturing workshop in Shanghai. In 2019, the first showroom opens in the heart of the French concession.
Several partner workshops have now joined the adventure to share their know-how and evolve in symbiosis with the brand. It is this China with millennial know-how, these expert hands that Isabelle has embarked on her journey.

“Working together is like a racing machine, ideas go crazy, it's almost daily self-stimulation!”

When Aude arrives in Shanghai, she has already spotted the brand and believes in its distinctive style, this singular blend of material and color that characterizes it. After 15 years spent in Asia, she shares a similar life course with Isabelle, so their meeting is quite natural.
Far from France but driven by the same curiosity, they share a common vision and ambition. It is therefore quite naturally that Isabelle will concentrate upstream on the creative aspect of the brand and that Aude will tackle its commercial development.