Secure payment

Payment for your online purchases can be made either by credit card (Carte Bleu, Visa, Mastercard), PayPal or Paylib.

Payment methods suggested on website are 100% secure.

Our partner bank, Qonto, is responsible for secure payments using the 3D Secure system. The aim of this system is to enhance security for online payments by authenticating the cardholder when paying online.

This is an additional step in the online payment process to ensure the buyer is the actual holder of the payment card used.

After entering your card number, you are redirected to your bank’s website.

You must then confirm your identity using the method implemented by your bank: password or single-use code.

Once payment is accepted, you will receive payment and order confirmation from Maison Germaine.

We do not keep any card data. Card data will be used by the bank in case of a refund request.